2014-2016 Projects

The 2015 trip included some much needed repair to the village school including, tearing down and rebuilding the crumbling awning. We were able to provide 30 water filters (purchased via Waves for Water) for the sixteen wells that were constructed in 2014.

We purchased an OB/GYN light and fan for the village clinic. Before this the night delivery nurse was using a flashlight while helping deliver babies.

In the summer of 2016 we were able to purchase 50 water filters and buckets to be used by the villagers near Kampot and Takeo Province. Although the water filters were our main focus, we were able to do much more this trip including, construct a two stall bathroom for the village elementary school, construct two deep well for the school and the community and three smaller wells for individual families, purchase paint, supplies and labor for the exterior of the school building, purchase ceiling fans for the school library and school supplies for the students (400 notebooks, 400 pens and 400 pencils). We were also able to rebuild an elderly woman’s home near Battambang and purchase much needed over the counter medicines (ie. Benedryl and Ibuprofen) which were handed out to the villagers and the remainder donated to the village clinic.