Making a Difference

In 2017 H2H Cambodia funded the construction of a new home for a single mother and her three daughters. Now they have a safe home and the daughters can concentrate on school without worrying about where they are going to live. Their mother no longer worries about her daughter’s safety.

​We were able to fund the construction of 7 more small wells in 2017. Hong met Monk Bann Chhun who guided him to find the villagers that were in need the most. We were also able to purchase and distribute 50 water filtration systems along with some much needed over the counter medicines. They traveled together to a school of more than 150 students on the outskirts of Battambang that is in terrible condition. The entire school needs to be rebuilt. H2H Cambodia provided school supplies and soccer balls for the students. Hong and Monk Bann planned the upcoming projects for 2018 which was to construct a two stall bathroom with hand washing station on the site of the new school which will be built in the next year by the joint efforts of the monks and other NGOs.