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We are incredibly proud of the work that Hong and Cissy are pursuing through H2H Cambodia. What they have accomplished is most impressive in view of the fact that both are employed full-time, Hong as a teacher and soccer coach, and Cissy as an account manager with an Atlanta-based law firm. Our lives have been blessed by having them as part of our family. Their dedication to this humanitarian cause has made them role models for us as well.

Bryan NoePHD

They added connections to secure inexpensive, easily portable filters for clean water. More recently they help ensure basic housing for those in greatest need by partnering with another volunteer group. Hong and Cissy are continually seeking new partners and technology that can work. I am confident that the style of work, listening to citizens and ceaselessly searching for new strategies, will continue the success of Happy to Help Cambodia. The Chins are responsible stewards of the resources they raise, ensuring they lead to benefit of the Cambodian people.

Dr. Stuart Brown